Pact of 3 Dragons

1. I, [Miamushi Goldscale] hereby surrender sovereignty of the Island of Kasai under the following conditions. The Island of Kasai shall be a kingdom of the Summerset Isles under the rule of the Gerian Family, from this day until the end of time.

2. The Razorclaw family shall reign as steward and shogun of the kingdom under the previsions agreed upon by royal degree.

3. All prisoners of war and land seized in conquest shall be returned to their traditional custodians.

4. The 4 divisions of Kasai and their rulers shall reign Inviolably and eternally. The Daimyo shall be free to enforce the laws of the land and crown independently.

5. The Imperial line of Goldscale’s shall retain their ceremonial and customary responsibilities and powers as the Emperor of Kasai

6. The freedom of travel, teachings, and residence of all members of faith shall not be infringed by any lord.

7. All honourable samurai our bound to serve their sworn lord and can not be commanded to perform any act that would break Kenshi or bring him dishonour by another lord.

Pact of 3 Dragons

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