Knightly Orders

Knights are essential piece of the ruling classes hierarchy, usually the sons of nobles trained since a young age. True knights are either sworn in service of a lord, or sworn to serve an order, either way knights are expected to follow a code of duty, which varies depending on the lord or order they serve. Knights are usually awarded certain privileges and material benefits in exchange for their services.

Outside true knights are hedge knights, knights without an order or lord, they are essentially mercenaries or hired muscle.

1. The Kings Guard, sworn to serve the king, vanquish their enemies, and uphold the king’s name.
2. The Order of the Eclipse, sworn to protect the faith, seek out the non-believer, and punish the wicked.
3. The Order of the Weave, sworn to preserve the essence of the arcane, to banish false magic whatever form it takes, and retrieve magical artefacts.
4. The Order of the Gatekeepers, sworn to serve with dignity by their own right, to hunt the monstrosities of the other world, and cleanse the impure.
5. The Order of the Thorn, sworn to give the waters of life freely, to defend the innocent, and protect the weak.
6. The Free Brothers, sworn to break the chains of those who would be shackled, break those who would chain others, and to free those who once bore chains
7. Keepers of the Grove, sworn to preserve the old ways, guard the natural world from the expansion of man, and remember the connection to the earth

Magical Orders

Circle of Maguses: A league of eldritch knights that strive to develop abilities that combine magic with martial skill, as well as compete as different schools of magic

School of Abjuration

School of Conjuration

School of Divination

School of Enchantment

School of Evocation

School of Illusion

School of Transumation

School of Necromancy (Banished)


Guilds form the growing economic force of the Summerset Isles. Most specialised trade is required to meet guild standards to ensure quality,

1. Apothecaries guild
2. Alchemists guild
3. Bard guild
4. Brewers guild
5. Armorers, locksmiths and fine smiths guild
6. metal-forgers and smelters guild
7. Carpenters guild
8. Cobblers and shoemakers guild
9. Cooks and bakers guild
10. Glassblowers and glaziers guild
11. Jewellers guild
12. Tanners guild
13. Stonemasons guild
14. Painters, limmers and sign-makers guild
15. Potters and tile makers guild
16. Shipwrights guild
17. Calligraphers, scribes and scriveners guild
18. Cartographers, surveyors and chart makers guild
19. Artificers/mechanists/ Tinkers guild
20. Wagon and wheelwrightes guild
21. Weavers and dyers guild
22. Woodcravers, coopers (barrels) and bowyers guild
23. Breeders/ kennel keepers guild
24. Mechanists Guild

Other Factions

Gangs of Highgard

Dunbarian Model Army

The Free Caravan of Tieflings

Skalds of the Lizardfolk

Shaman of the Lizardfolk

Bloodragers of the Lizardfolk

House WolfThorn (Illitha)
House Hawkridge (Dunbar)
House FoxCrest (Hargue)
House BearGlove (Riverlands)


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