As the geographical centre of the Empire, Crownlands is under direct control of The High King. It contains the capital city of Highgard as well as Everstone, the king’s castle. Its fertile soil produces crops to sustain both the capital and a bustling trade network. It is the site of impressive infrastructure such as the High Bridge and The Kingsroad.


The Capital City of The Summerset Isles

1 Geography

Tarny Square

The centre of the city shares its name with the giant city square, which is designed to host large scale events. The square is capable of holding over 50,000 people and is used for religious ceremonies, political functions, celebrations, and tournaments.
This section of the city also holds a cathedral to Palis, commemorating his establishment of the city and conquest over most of the Midlands. The cathedral is often used to garrison armies and muster soldiers.
Most of the city’s inns are here due to its central nature and close proximity to other regions. It is largely middle class.

Hill Rise

Named for the hill from which the sun rises over, Hill Rise is primarily defined by the Palace as the residence of most of the royalty and nobility. This is the site of most of the government administration, the king’s court, and the town houses of many powerful lords.
The Palace here is a sprawling complex with a mix of fortifications and adjoining administrative buildings. It is expected that the royal family will reside here, as will the king’s close advisers, making it the seat of power. This region is also known for hosting fabulous feasts and balls. It culminates the very highest members of society.


The high-end cultural centre of the city, Paradise is famed for its temples, theatres and parks. This region contains a cathedral to Reed, honouring the head of the pantheon for whom the city was built. Paradise hosts many of the lords and ladies unable to secure a town house closer to the palace. It is considered to be the most beautiful place in the city, hence the region’s name.


The artisan’s region, Tushmir is home to many skilled craftsmen, wizards, and other people of learning. While lacking the flash of the more upper class parts of the city, this region makes up for it in technological wonder. If you need fine machinery, high-quality fabrics, or magical scrolls this is the space for you. It largely overlaps with Pennington as the market district of the city, but this is where most of the high-end manufacturing takes place. Tushmir houses many important institutions and their members, including guilds and is where the city’s guilds are centralised.


As the market district, Pennington bridges the gap between imported goods from Seaton and manufactured goods from Tushmir, making this region the centre of trade of the city. Goods of all shapes and sizes can be found here for purchase, as well as enterprising merchants looking to buy up goods to resell at a significant markup. It also houses a number of service-based businesses, including a branch of the Daavarian Bank. Many of the city’s merchants and travellers call this region home.


The City’s primary harbour district, were most of the goods come in and out of the city, over-taking the kings road. It houses the city’s sailors, dock workers and a number of unskilled labourers.This makes it an ideal location for hiring ships to travel. People and goods flow back and forth from here and Slurry as labourers and goods flow into the city.

  • Slurry
    The City Narrows, the wrong side of the river, the slums. The original fishing village settlement that stood here before the conquest of Palis, it services little purpose now in the grander planning of the city beyond a source of cheaper labour and a dumping grand for immigrants. Gangs play a regular role in many of the institutions of this region with gang wars regularly common. The region is not without its trades however, its side of the harbour hosts an impressive market of less-than-legal goods, a number of individuals will handle unsavoury jobs for a price, and in a strange turn the old lord’s manor house offers entertainment and companionship to any who can afford it.
  • 2 Institutions
  • City Watch

The Cities watch is divided amongst several watch houses. Slurry Watch House: Which oversees the Southern side of the city, encompassing mostly slums

  • Royal Postal Service
  • Cathedral of Reed
  • Cathedral of Palis
  • Collection of smaller temples/ measures/ gardens
  • Guilds
  • Magic Orders
  • Pennington Markets
  • Royal Port Authority
  • Slurry Manor House
  • 3 Government
  • 4 Features

Gangs of Highgard


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