7 Proclamations of Robert the Just Gerian

1. I, [Robert, Gerian], by the light of the gods and the power of the arcane, am the one true king of the Summerset islands, as my father was before me. I am the ruler of its lands and the protector of its people. All people of the Summerset islands are sworn by oath in service of the one true king. My word is law, my will divine, my commands just. This I swear, to be held by my sons and grandsons from this day until the end of time.

2. Within the Summerset islands there are 7 true kingdoms, 7 true schools of the arcane, and 7 true gods. All others are false, and any who believe in these falsehoods are traitors to the crown.

3. The Church of the Seven is the one true faith, and shall be kept holy. All subjects of the king are bound by their teachings and their commandments.

4. All otherworldly creatures not protected by the light of gods, king, or magic are banished. All people are forbidden from consorting, conversing, or dealing with such creatures.

5. All people are bound by oath to the one true king, and shall know no other master, other than those with the blessing of the king. As such no person may be held as property, to be bought, sold, or kept.

6. The 7 true kingdoms shall be ruled by 7 Stewarts serving at the king’s behest. They are charged with keeping the king’s peace, maintaining the Staples and trade of the kingdom, and rendering tribute unto their king.

7. The masters of orders of trade, craft, magic, art, or knighthood bearing the king’s seal shall be treated as the kingsmen and be afforded privileges as such.

7 Proclamations of Robert the Just Gerian

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